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The third-most visited website on the internet, Facebook is a daily go-to site for many users. In fact, social media giant has 2.74 billion accounts. Today’s businesses should establish a presence on Facebook in order to meet many of their customers and potential customers who are surely there monthly if not daily. Him First Media Group is a Christian marketing company that features a complete lineup of social media marketing solutions for all types of businesses and organizations.

Did you know that most people access Facebook at least eight times each day? Your business should be there to engage with potential customers. Use the platform to effectively market your business’s products or services. Our faith based digital marketing firm can help you do that effectively–and for a price you can afford. Many people use Facebook to search for local products and services. It only makes sense to create an effective Facebook presence so that you can connect with your customers there and encourage them to shop on your website.

Him First Media Group offers Christian social media marketing services that we customize for you. We work with your needs and online marketing budget. Our social media services include social media campaign creation, social media optimization (SEO), continuous marketing strategies, social media account management, and funnels and remarketing solutions. Our staff includes professional content developers, SEO gurus, and digital marketing pros. We have the skills and solutions needed to enhance your social media marketing.

Facebook, like many social media networks, doesn’t take much investment for businesses to tap into this popular social media site. Ignoring Facebook doesn’t make sense–doesn’t make fiscal sense. Your customers are there so why aren’t you? Our Christian Facebook marketing company can design a social media marketing plan in keeping with your marketing initiatives. From Facebook sponsored ads to weekly posts, our solutions will help you engage and connect with your target audience.

Him First Media Group will work with your company to develop a social media marketing strategy designed for Facebook. We can use the platform in a variety of effective ways to market your business’s services or products. We can use the site to engage with customers and increase brand awareness. Our marketing pros are adept at using Facebook’s myriad of tools for businesses to ensure a positive faith based Facebook marketing experience.

Each month we can work together to develop your posting strategy. You can rely on our Christian Facebook marketing strategies to promote your brand, encourage brand loyalty, share relevant information about your company, announce new plugs, post press releases, introduce new products and services, share interesting industry news, announce special incentives like sales, and encourage your customers to visit your website.

Let’s grow your business today using our social media marketing strategies. Him First Media Group will partner with you to enhance your online business marketing and conduct any aspect of your Christian Facebook marketing or any of your social media marketing. Facebook is just one channel, but it’s an important way to promote your business easily to a myriad of customers and potential customers. Contact us to learn how our strategies can be customized just for you. We look forward to helping you succeed in growing your business.


Tom is incredibly helpful and truly cares about his clients. He is always quick to reply and yet also patient in working through and discussing ideas. Having no previous web design or marketing experience myself, Tom provided everything I needed from start to finish and was a breeze to work with. I’d highly recommend Him First Media to anyone looking for professional web design and business development expertise!

Albert Keever

Tom Donovan is a great guy to work with! First and foremost, he will get you the results you are seeking, your website will most certainly rank high in a relatively short amount of time. He is also easy to contact, and his pricing is very reasonable compared to others. When people find you through an online search, you will get more business, easier and faster than you could imagine.

Marc Solomon

Thankful for all Tom’s hard work for helping Champs Chimney Sweep achieve the highest Google rankings in the Albany, NY region for Chimney Services. Great job Tom!

Bob Faughnan

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