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Him First Media Group is a full service Christian Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in Christian SEO, Christian Social Media Marketing, and Christian Website Design and Development for Christian Business Owners, Churches, and Christian Ministries.  As a Christian SEO Company that specializes in Christian Digital Marketing services, Him First Media Group is owned and operated by Thomas Donovan a christian businessman. We demand nothing but the best for our customers; our standard is simple: if you deal with a Christian Digital Marketing Agency, then you should expect nothing but the highest level of quality, service, and integrity with the best rates possible. Our firm specializes in all phases of Christian Digital Marketing & Business Development; from a new business concept, and its implementation,to promoting and growing existing brands.  Our Christian Digital Marketing Agency has helped develop numerous product lines using expert business development and Christian digital marketing skills coupled with our Christian SEO and Christian Social Media Marketing. Our level of service speaks for itself, we are results driven, and our affordable pricing makes it a no brainer for any company to utilize our services. Him First Media Group specializes in cutting edge technology that will keep your company on the cusp of all of the latest Christian Search Engine Optimization and Christian Social Media Marketing trends. Him First Media Group provides the essentials for any marketing campaign today, such as; Christian Website Design with a tweaked out mobile website that looks like an app, Christian Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Organic Search Engine Optimization (AKA Organic Christian SEO), Organic Social Media Marketing, as well as Facebook Ads, Instagram Advertising, and Linkedin Lead Generation. Having a Christian website and Christian search engine visibility with a Christian social media presence is an industry standard today. We assist both small and large companies, Christian businesses, churches, and Christian Ministries develop an Effective Web Presence (State of the art website, mobile version that looks like an app, Top Search Engine Placement, Social Media Marketing, as well as webmaster and web maintenance services).

Getting your company ranked in the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing is the most cost effective way of growing your Christian business, church or Christian ministry.  It is the most efficient way to increase sales, build a customer base and yield a return on investment. As a full service Christian Digital Marketing Agency that is Christian owned and Christian Operated business development firm we offer custom solutions that will meet any budget and get your company the results that it’s seeking. Our Christian Digital Marketing agency offers: Church Digital Marketing, Christian SEO, Church Social Media Marketing, Church SEO, Christian Ministry Digital Marketing, Church Websites, Ministry Websites, Christian Business Websites and we offer affordable Christian webmaster and Christian website maintenance plans.

Christian SEO

Learn how Him First Media Group can help Christian businesses, Churches, Christian  Ministries, and Not for profits harness the power of the Internet to reach their target audiences.

One of the main advantages that Him First Media Group brings to the table is that we are a full service Christian SEO Company offering Organic Christian SEO, Church SEO, and Christian Business SEO for all different types of Christian businesses worldwide. Our team has decades of experience in helping Christian Businesses, churches, and ministries develop comprehensive online marketing plans that deliver results. We understand how to use Christian SEO and Church SEO techniques to reach Christian consumers, and we have a proven track record of success.
Another key area of focus for Him First Media Group is website design and development as well as our Webmaster and Website Maintenance. We specialize in creating high-quality websites that are both effective and affordable. Our team has many years of experience in Christian web design and we understand the importance of delivering a great user experience. We also understand the need for our clients to have a website that accurately reflects their brand and mission. Once Christian SEO helps the clients get found in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the other search engines we must ensure the website will do its job.

In addition to Christian SEO Agency we also offer Christian website design and Christian Website development, Christian Webmaster Services, Him First Media Group also offers online marketing analytics and lead management solutions. Our team can help you track your website’s performance and identify areas where improvements can be made. We can also help you generate more leads through our extensive network of contacts in the Christian community. If you’re looking for a Christian SEO Firm or a Christian digital marketing agency that can help you reach your target audience, Him First Media Group is the perfect choice for your Christian Business, Church, or Christian Ministry. We have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping Christian businesses, Churches, as well ministries online. Him First Media Group is a Christian SEO agency. We specialize in using cutting-edge technology to provide Christian website design, Christian Web Designers, Christian Webmasters, and Christian Search Engine Marketing to businesses with experience and dedication providing online analytics and lead management solutions for Christian businesses, churches and ministries.

Our services include Christian SEO, Church SEO Company, Christian Ministry SEO  as well as Christian Business SEO.

What Is A Christian SEO Company?

Christian SEO Company is a creative service that utilizes creative content writing, HTML coding, decades of skill and Christian digital marketing skills  to communicate your message and get you seen at the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.  As a Christian SEO Company, we believe it’s our responsibility to use the best of both worlds together for fruitful and successful Christian Search Engine Optimization also known as Christian Search marketing. A Christian SEO Agency specializes in creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy in order to generate potential visibility for their clients. We provide online content as well as Christian SEO which will increase traffic to your website. Our full service Christian Digital Marketing Agency helps churches, Christian ministries, and Christian Businesses gain exposure online and develop a new way to generate business or a christian audience. Using a strategy based on Christian digital marketing principles, we help you find the best places to promote your message and develop meaningful relationships with your audience.

Christian SEO Agency is the best solution for your Christian business to generate new business. We have decades of experience in Christian digital marketing from Christian SEO since 2014 to Christian Social Media Marketing which started in 2015. Our Christian SEO strategies started when Christian Business Owners and Churches started using Church SEO as well as Church Social Media Management. Him First Media Group staff members have strategically partnered with Google to provide our services at the highest level possible. Our team of professionals are always ready to help make your business development goals a reality.

Allow us to develop a Christian SEO content strategy for your Christian Business, Ministry or Church. Our Church SEO company is a full service Christian digital marketing agency with years of experience helping Christian businesses in the Christian marketplace grow. From Business development to branding to Christian SEO, to email marketing to Church social media management to local Christian SEO and much more,

Him First Media Group has the skills, expertise, and know-how to help your Christian business, Church, or Christian Ministry succeed.

How Does Church Social Media Marketing Work?

Get more out of your Christian Social Media Marketing with a Christian Social Media Company. Him First Media Group is a full service Christian Social Media Management Company. We can help you create content, provide your church with stock photography or edit your current images, manage your christian social media, create the hashtags, the calls to actions, emojis etc…  Our Christian digital marketing company provides the following services for churches; Church SEO Company, Church Social Media Management, Church Website Design and Church Website Maintenance. Him First Media does more than just Church SEO & Church Social Media, we also provide management the church Social Media maintenance of your live stream and assist in promoting your website to Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  We also promote your church on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Tiktok etc etc…

Get more from your Church Social Media Marketing.  Get Visible to your entire congregation not only by getting them back in church but get your congregation watching old teachings and filled with the word of God.  We help you create content, manage Church social media, and do all of the content, setup, calls to actions and the posting for you.  Our experienced team is not just about Church Social Media marketing; we also have experience in business development and growth for Churches through online evangelism.

A Christian Digital Marketing Agency provides the faith based approach that your church needs for church social media marketing and your Church social media maintenance and we always provide a more affordable service than traditional agencies. The more cost-effective a church social media management campaign is the more effective way to deliver excellent results. Many people who have a budget find the costs of Him First Media Group to be more than manageable. Our Church SEO and Church Social Media marketing company is an affordable Christian digital marketing agency that provides a variety of services including Christian SEO, Church social media, Christian Social Media content creation and more!

What Does A Christian Digital Marketing Agency Do?

A Christian Digital Marketing Agency specializes in Christian digital marketing for Christian business owners, Churches, and Christian Ministries. Our team of experts helps clients make more sales, Churches gain more congregants, and helps provide Church Digital Marketing Services. increase conversions and have better branding. As a full service Christian Digital Marketing agency we offer Christian social media marketing, Christian Website Design, Christian SEO, Christian Social Media Marketing, Christian web design and Faith based SEO services.

Him First Media Group provides Christian Social Media Management and Church SEO as well as Church Social Media Management, We provide dedicated Faith based Digital Marketing services at affordable rates with top tier services.  Christian social media and Christian SEO goes along with Christian website design and christian webmaster services. HFMG offers their services to christian business owners, churches, as well as christian ministries. We offer a number of Christian Digital Marketing packages to fit your budget and needs, with the most popular being our Christian Digital marketing package.

Christian Digital Marketing Agency is becoming increasingly popular, and many businesses in need of a Christian website designer turn to Christian Digital Marketing Agency. These companies offer a variety of services, and some of our clients are churches that need Church Digital Marketing, Church SEO, or Church social media management, but many are any type of service that is truly looking for a Christian Digital Marketing agency to provide like minded content and an approach that will not be tampered with.  Our team of Christian graphic designers and more. If you want to make your website stand out from the crowd and be more profitable, a Christian digital marketing agency is what you need.

Our Christian Digital Marketing Agency is a Christian digital marketing agency with years of experience helping Christian Business Owners, churches, and Christian Ministries grow.  We offer complimentary consultations on how we can assist you in Christian Digital Marketing and Christian Graphic Design for churches, Christian Ministries, and Christiasn small businesses.

What Services Does A Christian Social Media Marketing Company Offer?

Him First Media Group offers a professional and affordable approach to Christian Social Media Marketing Services.  Our experienced and talented team offers many Christian Marketing services that help any Christian Business, Church, or Christian Ministry grow.  Our programs are all customizable and are affordable and are the best in the industry.  We offer what is known as an EFFECTIVE WEB PRESENCE; Christian Digital Marketing, Christian Website Design, Christian Graphic Design, Christian Ad Design, Christian SEO, Christian Social Media, Christian Website Hosting, Christian Webmaster, Christian Social Media Management, Christian Web Maintenance, as well as Christian Video Production, Christian Social Media Ads, Christian Content. We offer creative services that utilize creative content writing skills, web design and development, graphic design and decades of Christian digital marketing experience that communicates your message and gets you seen at the top of the search engines. As a Christian Digital Marketing Company, we believe it’s our calling to use the best of technology today to achieve results that will help your business, church or ministry.  We believe that the bible teaches that you will know them by their fruits and that when we delight in the Lord we will be like a TREE planted by the rivers of water and will produce fruit in its season. Utilizing Christian Digital Marketing services will be successful when all of the Effective Web Presence Services are working together.  Ensuring you have a state of the art website using our Christian Web Designers, and also making sure we have top placement in Google using our Christian Search Engine Optimization also known as Christian Search marketing, Christian SEO is very important because it gets you in front of the people looking for you, and we also need a Christian Social Media Marketing Campaign where our experienced staff is providing Christian Social Media Management.

Our Motto is simple: Quality, Service, & Integrity!


Precision & Detail

Him First Media Group is built on solid fundamentals; impeccable customer service, professional staff, and quality work. Service will always be our number 1 product. Knowing how to service a client is a key factor of Him First Media Group’s success. Our professional & friendly staff will always be ready to help you through any situation and provide you with the kind of service that one would wish for themselves.


Tom Donovan, Founder

Tom Donovan, a christian businessman who is the founder of Him First Media Group has over 35 years experience in the business development industry. Tom’s company which he has dedicated to the Lord and only desires to Glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through his Christian business development agency.

Him First Media Group offers Digital Marketing services for Christians including Website Design and Development, paid and organic search engine optimization, paid and organic social media marketing, mobile app development, custom software, as well as website hosting and security. HFMG also provides maintenance and webmaster services for Churches, Ministries, and Christian Owned Businesses.

Serving With Passion


Professionalism Speaks For Itself

Results speak for themselves; however, service can never be outdone. Him First Media Group provides a quality of work and cutting edge professionalism to the Digital Marketing Agency era.  Our firm brings unparalleled website design and development, search engine marketing, including Organic SEO, Paid Google Advertising, and Social Media Marketing as well as Paid Facebook Ads and Paid Instagram Ads to an industry that does not understand being a full service Digital Marketing Agency or what commitment to its clients means. With our experienced & skilled team we carry an array of services that are integral in the success of our clients businesses.

Him First Media Group utilizes our skilled staff of graphic designers, website developers, search engine optimization professionals, content editors, database experts, combined with organic Social Media Marketing, Paid Facebook Ads and Paid Instagram advertising makes us stand far above the rest in Excellence and Integrity.

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Tom and Ally have been absolutely amazing at helping me to build my business back up during a huge relocation effort. Not only helping me with instagram posts, social media management, a new web presence, but logos and google analytics! Not to mention helping me navigate difficult questions and just understand techy things! Very great at communicating, listening and timely with service requests!


We were blessed to work with Tom and his talented team at Him First Media. Tom was a man of his word, and he was a joy to work with. He approached our complex web project with integrity and professionalism. I’m grateful for the partnership.

Michael Pritchard

Tom and his team do a great job in meeting our needs and have been very cooperative when working with us.

Clinton Kneeland

Himfirstmedia represents their company name. The staff always put God first. I am grateful and honored at their professionalism, consistency, patience, and heart for the Lord. I feel that each time I communicate with them, it will be a Blessed conversation, the Spirit of the Lord in the atmosphere, and a job well done. Our website was done with a Spirit of excellence because of the company’s relationship with the Lord. I highly recommend their services to those who wish to grow their businesses in the Lord.

Minister Linda Tardy

The Him First Team produced the web module exactly as requested and is now a useful tool for our company! I look forward to working with them on future projects.

Scott Nebenzahl

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